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OLSOS ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY:  Check Parish Bulletin for meeting dates, 

FOOD PANTRY:  please leave your donations for OLSOS pantry in the receptacles in the Church vestibule and at bottom of side door steps.  Check the bulletin for items most needed. Appointments are made for distribution to families on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11:30Am and 1:30-2:30pm.
Thank you.

LIVING THE EUCHARIST Lenten Program will be held for 1 night weekly during the 6 wks of Lent-  For more information call Mike Dour 973-663-2768.

First of all I want to thank you again for having on of our Catholic Charities donation boxes at your parish.  The 45 boxes placed around the Diocese generate most often over $10,000 each month to help fund our programs for those most in need. 
Second, - as winter wardrobes come out, fall wardrobes are stored, and new items of clothing from Christmas gifts replace older clothing in your closets  or draweres, this could be an opportune time to gather up older items and drop them in the Catholic Charities donation box in the parking lot.  Your support in helping us fill the needs of many in the Diocese is greatly appreciated.   
Joe Duffy

In an effort to raise much needed funds Catholic Charities now has a "car donation" program and is desirous of having donors give us used cars and other vehicles which will be sold and whose proceeds will fund our programs and services for the poor.  Please contact      or
are the sites to go to for further instructions on how to donate your vehicle.  

NEW TO THE PARISH – are asked to fill out a registration form with can be obtained on our main page,at the back of the church or at the rectory, or call 973-663-0211.  Religious Ed parents who signed up for classes should also fill out a Parish Registration form. 


BAPTISM PREPARATION Classes are held on Tuesdays prior to the Baptisms.  Call 973-663-0211 to schedule an upcoming Baptism.


MASS CARDS are one of the best ways to honor someone’s life.  Donations are $15.00.  Sunday masses fill up quickly.  Please call the secretary Patricia 973-663-0212 to obtain a mass card.

GOOD EXAMPLES ARE NEEDED that is why we value our Religious Ed teachers.  Anyone working with children is required to attend "Protect the Children" course given here periodically by Eric Wilsusen.  Check the bulletin for time and place.  Anyone who would like to teach or assist a class is asked to contact Jaye Hedrick at 973-663-0124.  Our parish has a lot of devoted talented people.  Come share it with our children.


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