Mass Schedule
Saturdays-  9am, 5pm
Sundays- 8:30am, 10:30am, 12noon. 
Weekly Mass at 8am

ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY - Once a month the Rosarians will meet  in the church hall usually at 7PM.  No meetings for winter break  January & February, and Summer break July & August.  All adult women of the church are invited to join. This organization sponsors  2 annual fundraisers.  There is a winter/spring Craft Fair at the end of March, and a Fall Tricky Tray at the end of October.




ASH WEDNESDAY  ~ The first day of Lent in preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter.


PALM SUNDAY ~ commemorates the triumphal entrance of Christ into Jerusalem (Matthew 21-1-9) when palm branches were laid down in front of Him.  It is the beginning of Holy Week.


HOLY THURSDAY ~ the day Christ celebrated the last supper with his disciples.

GOOD FRIDAY ~ commemorates the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ – no mass is said on this day.


EASTER  ~ the holiest and most important of the holy days in the liturgical calendar.  It is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead.


DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY  ~ created 4/30/2000 by Pope John Paul II to grant a plenary indulgence to those who pray for the intentions of the Holy Father.  This feast was dedicated to St. Maria Faustina Kowalska who was canonized on this same day.


ASCENSION THURSDAY  ~ Christ comes down from heaven as expressed in the ‘Apostle’s Creed’ forty days after his resurrection.


PENTECOST  ~ the Holy Spirit comes down upon the Apostles and they began to speak in tongues / foreign languages.  This holyday is sometimes referred to as the ‘birthday of the Church’. (Acts 2:2-4)


TRINITY SUNDAY  ~ celebrates God as three Persons in one Nature. The three Persons of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—are all equally God, and They cannot be divided.


CORPUS CHRISTI   ~ the feast of the ‘Body & Blood of Christ’.  It commemorates the institution of  the sacrament of Holy Communion (1264).


ASSUMPTION OF MARY  ~ celebrates Mary’s rising into heaven after her death with her body intact and free from decay.


ALL SAINTS DAY  ~ celebrates the martyrdom of all the saints.  It was first celebrated in Antioch in 373.


FRIST SUNDAY OF ADVENT   ~ begins the preparation for the birth of Christ.


IMMACULATE CONCEPTION  ~ God sanctified Mary at the moment of her conception and freed her from original sin.


CHRISTMAS  ~ the second holiest day in the liturgical calendar next to Easter  - the birth of Jesus Christ.


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